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Where 2020 Dems stand… on standing with state legislative candidates

Through February 29; scores updated monthly
Bernie Sanders
Joe Biden
Tulsi Gabbard

The “presidency is everything” strategy hasn’t worked.

The 2020 presidential hopefuls have a chance to prove they are committed to building power from the ground up.

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2020 candidates should direct their attention and resources to state legislatures. Whatever happens with the White House and Congress, they are the key to changing the country.

Party Builder Index

The Future Now Fund / Data for Progress Party Builder Index is a first-of-its-kind tool to assess each 2020 candidate’s support for winning the states, not just their own campaigns.

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1 Point

For boosting a state legislator through social/earned media

2 Points

For emailing national campaign list about a state legislator or candidate

3 Points

For appearing with a state legislator at a public event

2x Points

If one of the above actions relates to a candidate/lawmaker outside of Iowa or New Hampshire

40 Points

For tweeting to vote for Howie Hayes (PA-HD-18) on March 17 or Jill Karofsky (Wisconsin Supreme Court) on April 7

40 Points

For raising money for Howie Hayes or Jill Karofsky

Why This Really Matters

2020 Dems have a lot on their plate. Is this really what they need to focus on? Should you even care? YES!

A single nominee alone cannot fix all that's wrong.

Winning the White House and Congress goes through states.

States control important policies — the same ones presidential candidates always talk about.

Notes on tabulation:

  • Earned/social media includes news stories and social media posts, NOT press releases.
  • Candidates get credit for each state lawmaker boosted.
  • Candidates do not get double credit for posting on social media about an appearance in person, or multiple social media posts about the same item across different platforms. They do, however, get double credit for emailing their lists about events with state lawmakers.
  • Only posts from a campaign’s main social media account qualify.

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Future Now Fund wins state legislative majorities by focusing on strategic races and chambers, crowdfunding with Giving Circles and Give Smart, and providing substantial on-the-ground support. Read more about Future Now Fund’s State Strategy for 2019 and 2020 — and find out exactly how you can help fix our country, one state at a time.

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